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Compatibility of Liners

Surya Liners & Wads are Laboratory Tested and Certified for packaging of Food, Pharma, Liquor and other industries.

Quality Assurance

Our Company is ISO 9001-2015 certified and US FDA DMF TYPE III filed company.

International Acceptance

Surya Liners & Wads are manufactured with Latest International Techniques and state of art machineries.

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Surya Products Limited

Leading Manufacturer & supplier of Bottle Sealing Wads, Epe Sealing Liners, EPE SHEETS, EPE WADS & INDUCTION SEALING WADS for Past 20 Years. Providing excellent quality at reasonable prices...

Surya Products Limited is one of the leading companies which we established in the year 1995. We are widely involved in the field of bottle closure liners, induction liner, induction sealing wads, induction wads. In order to best introduce Surya Products -extruded P.E. Foam Liners to the Indian bottle closure industry is our major accomplishment. It is a great technological leap in the field that outshines other liners in all respect. Besides the products, we also provide aluminium printing service.

We produce liners like induction liner,induction sealing wads,induction wads etc under our brand name of the company. Surya Liners are made available in three layers. The top and bottom closed cell solid polyethylene film acts as barrier layers ensuring smooth surface, thereby preventing product penetration, leakage and absorption.
  • 1995

    Year of Establishment

  • 30

    No. of Staff

  • 02

    No. of Production Units

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