Induction Sealing Wads (HDPE, PET, GLASS)

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EPE liners

Price: 15.00 - 90.00 INR/Piece
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Induction Sealing Wads

SURYA Induction Sealing Wads are available for all kinds of containers & bottles such as HDPE , PET, PP & GLASS. SURYA INDUCTION WADS are safe for direct contact with food & pharmaceuticals. The above product conforms to global migration standards laid down as per: 21 CFR 175.300 as per the code of Federal Regulations

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Tri Tab & Pull Tab Wads

PULL TAB WADS are type of Single Piece Induction Wads where a PULL TAB or MULTIPLE TABS are provided to make tearing process simple. These can be offered in all kinds of bottles HDPE ,PET,PP or GLASS

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EPE Sheets Rolls

SURYA EPE SHEETS available in Roll Form & Sheets Form in Density Range 250 to 500D. & thickness 0.8mm to 3mm. These are mainly used in making EPE CAP LINERS , WADS, Ring & GASKETS.

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EPE Wads Liners

SURYA EPE LINERS & WADS are DMF Approved , Laboratory certified for packaging of Food , Pharma & Liquor. These Liners are available in All sizes , thickness , Densities range.

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EPE Rings & Gasket

EPE RING & GASKETS are available in Various Sizes , Thickness & Densities. Our Gasket Provide excellent Leakage control in all kinds of Plastic containers.


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